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Services on carrying out inventories


The inventory of assets is an effective method of monitoring the safety of property of the company, a correct reflection on accounts, timely detection and correction of discrepancies between the actual data obtained as a result of inventory and accounting data, which ultimately leads to the complete and accurate financial statements .

The main aims of the inventory are:

– Identification of the actual availability of the property;
– Comparison of actual presence of property with accounting data;
– Verification of the completeness of recording assets.

All the material assets of the company are subject to an inventory, regardless of their location. In addition, industrial stocks and other property not belonging to the company (those held in safekeeping, leased, received for processing) are also subject to an inventory, as well as property, not taken into account for any reason.

Inventory of property is carried out according to its location with materially responsible persons and may include:
• inspection of the physical presence of objects of the inventory;
• labeling of objects of an inventory;
• preparation of the inventory list;
• preparation of collation statements;
• restoration of inventory cards;
• generalization of assets by groups, entities, responsible persons, places of storage in accordance with the accounting policy of the company;
• possible additional recalculation of amortization.

Auditing firm “Triada” offers companies independent services on inventory of property in Ukraine, namely:
1. carrying out of an independent inventory of assets;
2. supervising the inventory of the company’s personnel with appropriate report in accordance with international standards of related services;
3. Regular monitoring of mortgaging property.

Auditing firm “Triada” has practical experience in providing services for the inventory of fixed assets and reserves for financial reporting purposes.

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