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Outsourcing on accounting


The main benefit of using outsourcing on accounting  is the ability to use the highly professional expertise of the audit firm, gained in dealing with similar problems, and also instant access to innovative technologies and new knowledge.

Accounting support makes it possible not only to reduce the tax risks, but also to reduce the training and development of accounting personnel expenses, selection of accountants, management of accounting sector , rent, equipment, procurement and support of accounting and office software, and enables the leaders of companies to fully focus on their company’s development .

Moreover, accounting support by an independent audit company provides a number of additional advantages, namely:

  • fiscal and business reporting is formed by experienced accountants and is under the constant supervision of auditors
  • auditing firm assumes responsibility for the accuracy of the calculation of taxes and fees and timeliness of submission of fiscal and business reporting;
  • our accountants have no personal interest that excludes the possible manipulations and fraud;
  • interests of the company, in the case of tax inspections, will be represented by our experienced tax consultants and accountants;
  • the customer receives a qualified accounting and tax consultations from experts of our company;
  • Our specialists always inform the customer about the occurrence of negative consequences at carrying out a particular business transaction;
  • Tax and business accounting of the company do not depend on the disease and the dismissal of employees responsible for accounting

Accounting services in the auditing firm “Triada” – is much more than just accountant`s services or outsourcing  functions of the chief accountant. Our approach to accounting services includes practical and timely assistance to the management of the company in dealing with the daily tasks associated with the optimization of business processes, evaluating and improving the effectiveness of the company.

For foreign subsidiaries in Ukraine, accounting support provides timely, high-quality financial and management reporting in accordance with corporate requirements, efficient communication in English and the interaction with the parent company for all financial, accounting and tax issues.


Accounting services (accounting outsourcing) by our company may include:

  • receiving, control, recording and processing of primary accounting documents;
    • maintaining statutory accounting records of fixed assets, inventory items, costs and expenses of the company in accordance with national standards or in accordance with IFRS;
    • preparation of bank charges;
    • calculation and payroll;
    • processing of primary accounting documents on settlements with suppliers;
    • billing, control of prices, payments and revenues of the company (by agreement);
    • accrual of taxes and other mandatory fees and charges;
  • preparation of tax accounts according to the legislation of Ukraine;
    • preparation of financial (accounting) and statistical reports on Ukrainian standards;
    • preparation of management and financial reporting in accordance with IFRS;
    • the current company management consulting on accounting and tax issues;
    • representing the company with the tax authorities of Ukraine;
    • provision of other accounting services in accordance with the signed agreement, based on the needs of the company.

When determining the prices for accounting services in the auditing firm “Triada”, we make a start to the market conditions and the realities of doing business in Ukraine. Our pricing policy allows us to establish both flexible and fixed prices on the basis of our preliminary assessment of the time and accounting functions. From our experience, companies can save up to 50% of the cost on outsourcing accounting, than if performed accounting functions independently, except for the reduction and prevention of financial and tax losses.

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