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Monthly audit support



It is held in the form of consulting services and can include (depending on the objectives and purposes):

  1. Materials prepared at the request of the enterprise (related to accounting and tax accounting, pricing, budgeting, economic and legal problems):
  • recommendations for reflection in accounting certain operations,
  • answers on questions,
  • analysis of the current problems and their solutions,
  • requests to the state bodies,
  • objections and complaints to the tax office,
  • justification of the legality of actions of the enterprise during inspections;
  1. Materials prepared by the specialists on the problems relating to the enterprise;
  2. Normative documents, with comments and recommendations of an auditor (aimed at the practical application of the document), which relate to the enterprise;
  3. The quarterly analysis of financial and economic activity under the agreed indicators.


Monthly consulting service is designed for company leaders, accounting professionals, and other economic and financial services of the enterprise.

Auditing firm "Triada»
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