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Individual written consultations (reports) on accounting, taxation, cost optimization


One of the directions of our activity is consulting in the field of taxation and accounting. Consultations are available not only in the limits of the monthly audit support, but also as a separate written consultations (conclusions).

Despite the ambiguous rules of the constantly changing tax laws in Ukraine, especially in connection with the adoption the Tax Code of Ukraine in 2010 , tax advisors of the Audit firm “Triada” can provide professional consultation on taxation of held or planned financial transactions, taking into account the tax rules on the application of the regular rates and transfer pricing, the correct application of tax rules to the ongoing activities of the company in Ukraine, as well as the preparation of tax reporting.

On the basis of our practical experience and knowledge, we currently provide the following consulting services in the field of taxation in Ukraine:
• tax consultancy on usual activities of the company;
• consultations on international taxation, application in Ukraine the international treaties (conventions) on the avoidance of double taxation;

• Analysis and optimization of the costs of the company, recommendations for reducing production costs;
tax analysis of planned operations in accordance with the Tax Code of Ukraine, including those with taking into account the specificity of transfer pricing in Ukraine;
• Tax support of the company’s activities;
• consultations on the prevention of the company`s tax risks;
• support of tax inspections by our tax advisors;
• Services for the preparation of objections to acts of tax inspections and pre-trial appeals against decisions of tax authorities;
• Representation of interests of companies in the tax authorities;

Consultations on the use of international conventions on the avoidance of double taxation and other tax services are provided solely on an individual basis after carrying out a preliminary analysis of the specifics of the company`s activity, tax status and industry characteristics.

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