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Constructing the management accounting system, сost optimization system



The purpose of management accounting is the creation of an information basis for the implementation of the strategic objectives of the company; calculation, planning and control of financial indicators at the level of each division of the company (group of companies) as a whole. This ensures the provision of necessary information to make operational and strategic decisions at all levels of company management.

Creating a management accounting is carried out by a multi-dimensional accounting , related to a business of the company (income and expense items, income centers, cost centers, services provided, etc.). Accounting is built on the basis of the selected GAAP results (recommended IFRS) using the selected chart of accounts (recommended Ukrainian). Implemented the formation of “standardized” reports and  selected indicators (Balance sheet, P & L, Cash Flow, Contribution margin; RoC, RoS, etc.).


Additional features provided by management accounting:
a) Integration of financial performance calculated in the Balance Scorecard
b) calculation of the company`s value  based on the method of Free Cash Flow to make decisions with a view to its increase.
c) Evaluation of clint profitability for the company.

d) Cost optimization company, recommendations for reducing the cost of production.

Construction of accounting is carried out by our specialists in the field of management accounting, who have successful experience of this work.

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