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Preparation of a business plan




A qualitative business plan promotes successful cooperation with investors and banks, as it gives them confidence in the future development of the enterprise and obtaining profit.
A qualitative business plan will give your project the benefits  on attracting funding from external sources. A business plan is a mean of persuasion  potential investors in the solvency of the investment project, as well as the potential of the company to obtain a reasonable profit.


Identification of potential risks and measures for their prevention allows potential investors to determine the level of development of measures to protect the project from all possible risks at all stages of its implementation and make an informed decision about the possibility of investing in the project.


Tough techniques to develop a business plan do not exist. However, there are general guidelines proceeding from which the, Auditing firm “Triada” offers the following structure of the business plan:

  • Introduction;
  • brief description of the company itself and the situation on the market;
  • A description of the new product or service;
  • activities in the field of marketing and sales strategy;
  • production plan;
  • Planned organizational activities;
  • financial data;
  • orientation and calculation of efficiency;
  • existing and potential risks, as well as ways to overcome them

Introduction (CV) – a summary of the entire plan. As a rule, this part the potential investors pay attention to . Therefore it is recommended to reflect in this part: the required amount of external loans, the expected timing of return of funds, as well as who is the guarantor of a refund or which guarantees a refund. It is necessary to reflect the size of domestic investment in the project. If there are several foreign investors it would be appropriate to specify them all.


Characteristics of the company and the industry. In this section the most important economic characteristics of enterprise related to the new project are reflected: economic and financial data, qualitative and quantitative composition of the top-managers and employees of the enterprise, the company’s main achievements and perspectives. In describing the industry as a whole is briefly described the situation there as well as showed industrial and other communications of a company.


Description of the new product. This section tells about the features of new items, lists its new sides, its difference from competitors’ products. The section includes technological issues and innovations that will be used in a new product. This part should be available for the perception of not only a specialist. It is important to note all the advantages of the new product, as well as to show that characteristics of new items will be further improved in accordance with the requirements of the market.


Marketing and sales strategy is information that will encourage consumers to buy exactly your product or service. Overview of planned advertising campaigns to promote new products, information of the ways of sales, report on consumer surveys conducted in order to clarify the image preferences, etc.


Production section – a report on existing or planned production, the data on your contractors in the production of the product. Reflects the specific issues of optimizing the production for the new production, the data on production processes about deliveries the necessary raw materials or ingredients for the new products , planned delivery date of new items in the trading network, etc.


Organizational measures – information about the developers of the project and those who will be engaged in its implementation in life. Highlights the key questions to encourage and motivate the staff of management vertical, etc.
Financial data – displays the main financial aspects. Shows a series of data, namely, the cost in the production of new products, the calculation of the cost price of a new product, the calculation of the necessary financial revenues and their sources, cash flow, estimated profit, etc.


The effectiveness and focus of the project –  shows  in a condensed form, for whom a new product is designed,  forecasts how effective a project may be .
Possible risks and their overcoming – analyzes the existing and forecasts the perceived risks in view of possible contingencies, lists exactly what guarantees the external investors have.

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