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Payroll (including mandatory fees and taxes on wages)


Payroll is not a daily necessity, so maintaining highly qualified staff in this area as a rule is not economically feasible. When entrusting this function to the chief accountant it is necessary to consider that the calculation of wages in Ukraine is a very time-consuming work that requires a significant investment of time.

Payroll calculation by specialist of auditing firm “Triada” gives companies a number of advantages:
• Strict confidentiality of wages;
• our specialists have no personal interest that excludes possible manipulations and fraud;
Also, it is necessary to consider that payroll calculation is performed by an independent auditing firm in accordance with the legislation of Ukraine, which is a strong argument in the courts in legal proceedings with former employees.

Basic services for salary calculation of the auditing firm “Triada” include:
• payroll calculation for personnel of the company, taking into account all kinds of charges and deductions;
• calculation of hospital, vacation, benefits at maternity leave, at birth of children, at reduction ,severance benefits, etc .;
• calculation of remuneration under contracts of civil law, signed with individuals;
• calculation of the monthly wage indexation;
• preparation of paysheet of wages and other remuneration;
• preparation of accounting sheets, information and inquiries on wages for the personnel of the company;
• preparation and submission of reports to the state bodies in the order, amount and terms stipulated by the current legislation of Ukraine concerning implemented payments to individuals by the company;
• representation of interests of the company to the public authorities with respect to accrued taxes and fees related to settlements with the staff and other individuals;
• preparation of internal (corporate) accounting staff;
• advising the company’s leaders on issues concerning the Ukrainian legislation regulating wages;
• provision of other accounting services related to salaries of staff in accordance with the signed agreement, based on the needs of the company.

We provide services for salary calculation for both the company as a whole, and exclusively the executives of companies whose accounting of payroll , premiums and bonuses is more difficult and requires the highest level of confidentiality.

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