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Audit verifications




Audit verifications are conducted in the form of:

  • audit
  • review
  • agreed procedures

Depending on the purpose of the audit, and set of tasks our company carries out :

  • the statutory audit for report  submission to the Securities Commission;
  • initiative audit (at the request of the parent company for consolidated reporting purposes, in the connection with the change of owners, as well as for other reasons).

Audit verifications in the form of agreed procedures are usually carried out in order to verify the correctness of payment of taxes and fees.

The audit verifications (in any form), carried out by auditing firm “Triada” is a practical and effective tool  for the owners of Ukrainian companies for the purposes of monitoring the financial state , the real situation of their companies, optimization of tax payment and other expenses.

In any case, the conducting of audit verifications will bring the greatest benefit to a company in the case when the owners (leaders of company) and auditors reach a full understanding of the goals, objectives and form of presentation of the results.

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